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Название Автор (ы) Год издания Номер издания Издательство Место издания ISBN Количество экз. Научная Дисциплина Шифр хранения
Achieving Rapid Growth in the Transition Economies of Central Europe Sachs J.D., Warner A.M. 1996 0 Cambridge Б---папка 3
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Active Investors, LBOs, and the Privatization of Bankruptcy Jensen M. 1989 0 Before the House Ways and Means Committee February Б---папка 20
Actuve investors, LBOs, and the privatization of Bankruptcy Jensen M.C. 1989 0 The Continental Bank R
Acyclic Collective Choice Rules (из Econometrica Journal of the Econometric Society Vol.50, N 4 - july, 1982). Blair D., Pollak R. 1982 0 Б---Р07
Adaptive Markets. Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought Lo A. 2017 1 Princeton University Press Princeton 978-0-691-13514-4 1 Без категории Энтов
Additional evidence on eguity ownership and corporate value McConnell J.J., Servaes H. 1990 27 Journal of Financial Economics 27 North-Holland R
Additional evidence on equity ownership and corporate value McConnell J., Servaes H. 1990 0 Journal of financial Economics 27 (1990) Б---папка 20
Adjusting to a Terms of Trade Shock: Nigeria, 1972-88 (Policymaking in the Open Economy.Dornbusch R.) Gavin M. 1993 0 EDI Series in Economic Development EDI Series i Б---А05
Adjustment and the labor Market P.R. Fallon & L.A. Riveros 1989 0 World bank G
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Advanced C# Programming Paul Kimmel 1988 1 McGraw-Hill/Osborne USA 0-07-222828-8 1 Computer Science
Advanced Calculus with Applications in Statistics André I. Khuri 2002 2 Wiley-Interscience 0471391042 1 Статистика
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Advanced International Trade: Theory and Evidence Robert C. Feenstra 2002 1 National Bureau of Economic Research California, USA - 1 Мировая экономика