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Название Автор (ы) Год издания Номер издания Издательство Место издания ISBN Количество экз. Научная Дисциплина Шифр хранения
An introduction to Efficiency and Productivity Analysis. Second Edition T.J.Coelli, D.S.Prasada Rao 2005 2 Cambridge university press New York 978-0387-24265-1 1 Без категории Волна
An Introduction to General Equilibrium Analysis. Walrasian and Non-Walrasian Equilibria Mukherji A. 1990 1 Oxford University Press Oxford 019 565907 4 1 Economic Э
An Introduction to Hinduism. Flod G. 1996 0 Cambridge University Press G
An Introduction to Islam. Waines D. 2003 0 Cambridge University Press G
An introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata C.F.Baum 2006 0 StataCorp LP Д
An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications William Feller 1968 3 John Wiley New York - 1 Математика
An Introduction to Secured Rtansactions in Uzbekistan / Survey of Eastern European Law N/A 0 0 R
An Introduction to secured Transactions in Uzbekistan 1995 0 Parker Sch.J.E.Eur.L. Vol 2. Б---папка 19
An Introduction to the Microstructure of Emerging MarketsInternational Finance CorporationOECD Documents 0 0 OECD Paris C.1
An Investigation of the Robustness of the Tobit Estimator to Non-Normality (из Econometrica Vol.50, N 4, July 1982 Arabmazar A., Schmidt P. 1982 0 Б---Р07
Analysis of Economic Growth in Regions: Geographical and Institutional Aspect CEPRA 2007 0 IET Moscow Б---Б06
Analysis of Financial Time Series RUEY S. TSAY 2002 1 Wiley-Interscience University of Chicago 0-471-41544-8 1 Financial Econometrics
Analysis of Financial Time Series Ruey S. Tsay 2005 2 Wiley-Interscience 0471690740 1 Эконометрика
Analysis of information elements used 'in the assessment of certain products 'of modern biotechnology 1995 0 OECD Working Papers Paris C.1
Analysis of Revenues and Expenses of Local Budgets Starodubrovskaya I., Javoronkov S., Yudin A., Sancton F., Kitchen H.и др. 2003 1 ИЭПП Москва 5-93255-113-5 1 Без категории Б---Б06
Analysis of the Czech Economy and MIT sectors in 1996 Ministry of Industry and Trade, Economic Analysis department 1997 0 Prague G
Analysis of the New Foreign investment Law of Kazakhstan / Survey of Eastern European Law N/A 0 0 R
Analytical Methods in economics Akira Takayama 2009 1 The University of Michigan Press USA 0-472-10162-5 1 Экономика
Analyzing the Distributional Impact of Reforms. Vol.1 A.Coudouel, S.Paternostro 2005 1 The World Bank Washington 0-8213-6181-3 1 Без категории Б---В06
Analyzing the Distributional Impact of Reforms. Vol.2 Coudouel A., Paternostro S. 2006 1 The World Bank Washington 978-0-8213-6348-5 1 Без категории Б---В06